The Heritage Farmstead Museum In Plano

Heritage Farmstead Museum is one of the best attractions sites in Plato, Texas. Plato is a home to
more-than 250,000 people; it’s a peaceful city and far from being called small city,
though it continues to attract more settlers due to its peaceful nature that
attracts people who prefer living in a slower pace environment or life
something quite different from the city life.

Plano has various amazing sites, places and sceneries to visit, starting from a mouth-watering
Texan smokehouse, BBQ joints and to the most fascinating site-Heritage museums
which reveals secrets of the railroads as well as agricultural stories of the

History of Heritage Farmstead Museum

If you are looking for attractions sites to visit during your trip to Texas then, you may
consider choosing Heritage Farmstead Museum. This attraction site was initially
a farm house that was built in 1891 thus, on a 365 acre farm, which belonged to
Mary Alice-Farrell and her husband, Hunter Farrell who was a landowner as well as
businessman, though his family had moved-to Texas from Virginia.

The marriage was short-lived; the Farrells divorced in 1929 and their daughter,
Ammie Farrells took-over the farm management thus become an award winning
livestock-breeder before her death that happened in 1972.

Apparently, in 1978, the Farrells farm was added to the list of the National-Register of
Historic Places and in 1986, it was opened as a living museum inclusive of the
remaining 4.5-acres surrounding the-home. Therefore, Heritage Farmstead-Museum
is accredited by the “American-Alliance of Museums”.

Heritage farmstead is a historic farm-museum, located 10.7 miles from Texas City, at
1990-West, 15th Street in Plano, Texas. With this Museum, you’ll be
able to learn more about how farms by then were being operated in the late-19th
& 20th Century. In addition, it’s famously known as “The Ammie
Wilson Home”.

About Heritage Farmstead Museum The mission;

The Heritage Farmstead Museum Mission entails collection, preserving as well as interpreting
late 19th and early 20th-century Black-land Prairie history
as they make appropriate use of-the authentically restored Farrell Willson
Farmstead which is a designated historic site.

The Heritage Farmstead Museum traverses the unique-farming story as well as family history that
have associated with the historic-Farell Wilson house. In addition, they preserve
its buildings, collections well as grounds. However, since the American-Alliance
of Museums accredited the institution; the Heritage Farmstead Museum has
continue to put more efforts to offer a glimpse into the old folks past life,
interest as well as backgrounds.

Apparently, a good understanding of the past is essential to a healthy as well as progressive
community. People wants to know more about their origin, cultures and
activities of the paste to better understand themselves.

The HFM collects, care for as well as exhibit historical treasures and with these; they are able
to provide education programs which makes history to be meaningful, enjoyable as
well as accessible thus empower people to preserve and interpret “the-rich
heritage & history of Plano-Texas. Therefore, with a visit to this attraction
site of 4.5-acre piece of history, you’ll be able to see how life was in the

The Amazing scenaries in Heritage Farmstead Museum

Heritage Farmstead Museum represents the homes of the
Blackland Prairie-pioneers as well as some of the Texas’ earliest settlers.
With this grand 19th century mansion that stands on a 4.5 acre-farm;
you’ll be able to see the early life of these people. The HFM is a living
history museum that is located in the Dallas area.

This amazing attraction site entails;

  • The Farrell-Wilson House that gives a clear
    picture on how old people’s house looked like; the design seems old fashioned
    but with amazing and elegant features to admire.
  • With your visit, you will be able to learn how
    food was being grown in those days as well as preserved at the Kitchen-Garden
    & curing shed.
  • You’ll be able to get a close view of gardening
    & preservation tools that’s in the Potting shed
  • Check-in to the Blacksmith Shed to see how the
    rural farmers used to handle their own metal as well as machine work.
  • Check-out the Vintage Ford-Model T that is
    stored inside the Carriage Garage; a car garage of those times
  • Lastly, most of these structures were
    built-between 1891 and in the early 1990’s thus making them authentic-piece of
    living-history in Plano, how amazing is that!


Don’t be left out, with the HFM historical buildings and artifacts on-display; you’ll
enjoy a great learning experience especially for folks of all-ages.

Visiting Hours & Admission fees in Heritage Farmstead

Check-in to this beautiful 19th century farm-house and experience the life of the
North Texas frontiers in the old age. It’s a living history farm that offers an
in-depth view on how farming families where living in the Blackland-Prairie
region which is more than 100-years ago.

You’ll be able to explore the farm while learning what their homes looked-like, how they grew
their own food at that time as well as
what it entails in maintaining their livelihoods. Heritge Farmstead Museum has
more than 10,000-artifacts on display to see and a lot of activities to do

You can check out on their opening hours and admission fees to properly plan your visit.

Heritage Farmstead Museum Hours


Tues-Sun: 10 a.m-4:30


  • On Easter
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas day
  • New Year’s Day

Public tours offers;

Tues-Sun: At 1:30 p.m from Sept-May & at 10:30 a.m. from June-Aug.

Museum Admission Fees

  • For museum members, the admission fees is free
  • Non-members: $ 3
  • Children of age 0-2 year: Free
  • Public Tour Admission Fees
  • Adults & Seniors;$ 7
  • Children of 0-5 years: Free
  • Children; $ 5

To be up-to-date with
the current admission fees of the HFM, please check onto their websites for
more information before making your visiting plans or call on 972-881-0140
to confirm with them about the payments.


Heritage Farmstead Museum is not only an attraction site but can also act as an education center.
Hence, if you want to learn more about agriculture on things like farming,
leather working and milk milking then the Heritage-Farmstead Museum is your
to-go place. In addition, the main attraction point in this place is the, 19th
century huge-mansion and the 4.5-acre farm area. When you visit the HFM, it
will make you feel as if you’ve visited an old-place that calls for greenery
and nature. This museum not only provides permanent attractions to people but
it also exhibits different notes as well as aspects of the lifestyle in regards
to people living in the Plano thus HFM is among the most popular
tourist-destination in the all-of Plano.

 Learn More by visiting their site here

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