Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park In North West Dallas

This is an amusement park in Texas. Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park is a property of the Amusement Management International. The park has been operational for the last 25 years. The park is perfect for holding events or parties.The park operates the following five rides:

– Skycoaster – This is a 110-foot high ride which is a gliding or sliding stimulator which can reach speeds of up to 60 mph.- Bungee jump – This is a seven-story permanent platform designed specifically for bungee jumping.

– Ejection seat – Also known as Texas Blast Off. These are rockets of up to 150 feet into the air. They have the speed of dragster between 0-70 mph in only 1.2 seconds.

– Skyscraper – This is a towering propeller with speeds of 60 mph and 4GS pulls.

– Nothin’ But Net – it is a thrilling free fall of 10 feet. A net is placed below a 16 story tower.

We will expound further on the five rides available at Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park.

1. Bungee Jumping

In recent times, bungee jumping has become a favorite for many thrill seekers. Trust Zero Gravity to come up with the best thrilling experience in bungee jumping. At the park, there is a permanent tower which is used for the bungee jumping and it’s called the Air Boingo tower.

The tower was specifically designed to give a thrilling bungee jumping. Your safety is paramount and the amusement park has ensured that they have you covered by the use of a triple system.

The cords of the bungee are super-elastic and they will provide you with the smoothest ride ever. Your safety is also ensured by the use of nylon straps. The straps are strong and powerful thus they will catch you with ease and grace.

The airbags used are of superior quality and they can accommodate jumps from the above seven stories comfortably. Bungee jumping at the Zero Gravity Park will give you a thrilling experience of a lifetime.

2. The Texas Blastoff

Probably you have already been shot into the sky on a ride. However, you will have to prepare yourself for an extreme blastoff. This will literally take your breath away.

It is very similar to a giant slingshot where two people are shot into the air at a speed of between 0-70 at 1.2 seconds. This speed is similar to that of a fuel dragster and you already know how exciting they can get.

Another exciting twist is that you will enter into a toppled free fall. This will be aided by the use of a four bungee apparatus. The turns, flips and the twists are on the extreme. However, you are guaranteed of a safe landing by the use of an unbreakable grip of the bungee super elastic four chords.

It is further reinforced using heavy-duty nylon straps. As you prepare for your adventure, you will get strapped into a racing seat which has real full body straps. Get prepared to be blown away to an entirely new experience once you are strapped securely.

3. The Skyscraper

The skyscraper is the latest addition to the thrill ride. It was also voted among the ten best activities to do in Dallas. It’s massive and it picks speed very fast. Within only a few seconds you will be riding at 60 miles per hour.

After you have attained the maximum velocity, you will be moving faster compared to a space shuttle during takeoff. By the time your adrenalin starts to slow down, you will be over 165 feet above the ground.

This is something you can do with your friends or family since it can accommodate four people. The experience you will take home with you is that the Zero Gravity Amusement Park has the most seriously thrilling experience ever.

4. The Skycoaster

The sky coaster is an enchanting experience which takes three people right into the air. Of course, the speed at which this is done is astonishing at 60 mph. You will feel the anticipation building up as you get lifted to over 100 feet high.

Take a breather since the glide is just getting started. Your safety has also been put into consideration so you can as well relax and enjoy your thrilling ride. The steel cables used are extremely strong and they can comfortably accommodate the weight of the three passengers.

Everything is done professionally to guarantee safety precautions since Zero Gravity Park doesn’t take revelers safety lightly.

5. Nothin’ But Net

This ride made the park to reach a new limit. This is a thrilling experience where you will be lifted up to a 16 story tower, then you will be let go. Picture this, you will not be strapped, there will be no bungee or parachute. Of course, your heart will be pounding hard.

Then a safety net will greet you after that thrilling experience of falling from a sixteen-story tower. Again, nothing should worry you since the park has put all consideration into ensuring your safety.

It’s carefully calculated that you will be falling in a perfect low-center gravity position. When you eventually make your amazing landing, safety nets secured with high quality reinforced rigs. You are most likely to want to do this over and over again after you make your first phenomenal landing.

The best part of this amusement park is the fact that the rides are affordable. Your safety is something which has been overemphasized here. The park’s staff is well trained to handle guests.


The following restrictions are put in place to ensure your safety:

– The guest shouldn’t have circulatory disorders.- One must also not be pregnant.- The guests shouldn’t have broken bones or be wearing casts.- You should also have a good medical record.
The park is also an official party central and we welcome all for the following:

– Church group meetings.- Corporate team building.

– Family reunions.

– Dallas birthday parties.

– Bachelorette and bachelor parties in DFW.

– Church youth group.

– Sorority and fraternity outings.

Groups compromising of more than ten people can get discounted prices. Bring your group over and enjoy more than the thrilling rides with video, t-shirts, drinks, catering etc.

Get a customized package to fit your adrenalin needs.

The package includes the following:

– Modified tour tickets.- Tickets bulk rates.- Unlimited ride packages.



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