SEA LIFE Grapevine Aquarium

This is an interactive aquarium which is located at Grapevine Mills in Texas. SEA LIFE Grapevine Aquarium contains thousands and thousands of aquatic life. It is Aquatic is owned by Merlin Entertainments.

It also has a 360 degrees ocean tunnels and interactive touch pools. The aquarium is quite accessible since it’s located next to the entrance of the Grapevine Mills Mall. It’s also close to the famous AMC Movie Theatre.

Amazing Things To Do At SEA LIFE Grapevine Aquarium

This is a fun-filled aquarium and you will not lack something interesting to keep you occupied. The following are some of the fun activities which will keep you preoccupied at the Aquarium:

1. Stringray Feed

Members of our education team have a feeding program daily at 11 am. You can join the team and get to interact with the different feeding techniques. Get to know better what comprises of stringray to make it an amazing feeding technique.

2. Octopus Talk

Every day at around 12:30 pm, we get close to our gigantic octopus known as jetta. It has a single beak, 2000 suckers, and 8 arms. You are promised of discovering something exciting with every visit you make.

3. Birthday Parties

Celebrate your birthday in style. Do you know that you can celebrate your birthday while you are beneath the waters at the aquarium? Now you know so purpose to do this and have a fantastic birthday experience like no other.

4. Ocean Feed And Talk

Get up close to the thousands of fins, millions of scales and endless teeth in the 360-degree tunnel. Get a firsthand experience on how it feels to walk right across the aquarium’s 160,000-gallon tank. You can enjoy all these fantastic things from our experienced education team.

5. Aquarium Exhibits

There are several exciting exhibits that guests can enjoy.

6. Annual Pass Events

There are several annual events that members and guests can enjoy. This is an open membership that encourages guests to join. Annual pass members enjoy the following:

– A 10% discount in the retail store.

– A 10% off on all birthday parties held at SEA LIFE.

– Special offers for friends and families of members.

– An exclusive opportunity for special invites to all annual past and previews events.

It’s never too late for you to join and enjoy the membership of pass annual events.

Important Things To Know

The aquarium is open all year round. From Monday to Saturday the aquarium is open from ten in the morning and closes at 8 pm. However, on Sunday we open from 11 am to 7 pm.

It’s also important for you to note that the aquarium closes their admissions 2 hours prior to the closing time.

As a potential guest, it’s important to note the following:

– Guests are strongly advised to make their bookings online. This is especially important if they are planning to visit the aquarium on weekends, during the summer or during school holidays.

– The easiest way to guarantee guests entry is by making bookings online.

– Guests are also advised that during the weekends or holidays, they might have to wait a little longer before they are granted admission. The Aquarium busiest hours are between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm.

The Rescue Team

The aquarium has a rescue center for turtles. The facility lets guest whether young or old to learn the dangers that face the turtles in the wild daily. The guests get to experience firsthand what it takes to successfully rescue, rehabilitate and release the sea turtles.

Once guests have entered the facility, they become bonafide turtle rescuers. You will engage in a mock collection of the turtles from the sea, get to weigh them and then they can begin a mock rehabilitation journey.

After the guests have used an X-ray machine to make a diagnosis and offer a remedy for injuries, the can nurse the turtles back to health. All this is done at the hydration and feeding center and then the turtles are released back to the wild.

Guests can also observe the non-releasable sea turtles in the display tanks. The guests can also view through glass window aquarists. They can do all these while working on the real injured turtles at the facility’s rehabilitation and hospital.

Conversation Activities

The facility has established various conversation activities guests can participate in. This is because SEA LIFE GRAPEVINE cares a lot about the environment.

Using the facility’s ethos, it facilitates breeding, rescuing and protecting the ocean and the creatures in it. The facility has established a feeding program to fully understand the sea creatures.

There are various conversation activities you can undertake at the facility. The activities include the following:

1. Breeding

The facility has a breeding program for the diverse creatures such as jellies, seahorses, and rays. It is a part of the largest seahorses breeding program in the world.

2. Rescue

SEA LIFE aquariums in the world help to rescue and release the injured sea creatures. This is inclusive of sea turtles, porpoises, and seals.

3. Protect

The facility has a charity program called SEA LIFE trust. This campaigns for the worldwide conversation of sea life.

Vetro Glassblowing Fine Art Gallery And Studio

Several centuries ago, the Italian artisans developed the art of glassblowing. This involved various techniques used to shape and form fine glass art using molten glass. The fine art was so awesome it captured the world’s attention.

Vetro or glass is a nationally recognized full-scale art gallery located in Grapevine Texas today. The art gallery and studio specializes in this celebrated art form. For the best fine art glass, pay us a visit or contact us online because you deserve nothing but the very best.

Historic Downtown Carrolton

Located in Carrolton town square, Carrolton Texas it’s an amazing site to pay a visit while you are in Grapevine. You can have a full day of fun shopping in the many shopping malls located here.

Enjoy several of Grapevine treasures which include the following:

– Hilton DFW Lakes

Set on a 40-acre piece of land, the DFW lakes are a perfect meeting place to relax with family and friends. There are plenty of activities you can engage in and the rooms are super comfortable.

2. Comfort Inn

It is located a few miles from the Grapevine’s major attraction sites. The inn provides plenty of amenities which include a free hot breakfast.

3. Summer Family Fun

Bring your family over and enjoy painting with a twist. You do not need to have prior experience in painting. We will provide the painting facilities and then clean up once you are done.

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