As with all investments, you have to maintain, protect and keep it in working order. Having a solid roof on your home is important for protecting your investment. Our Grand Prairie full roof replacement contractors are experts in making sure your home is protected from the elements.

A property’s roof serves many functions. Its main purpose is to protect the interior and exterior of the home or business property.  As the first line of defense, roofing protects the home and its inhabitants from harmful weather. Leaving roofs in disrepair can cause a slew of issues:

  • Leaks and wood rot
  • Structural and foundation damage
  • Mold and algae growth

Alliance Exteriors is a Grand Prairie roofing company specialized in roof maintenance, repair and replacement. Alliance Exteriors Grand Prairie full roof replacement contractors offer a no cost, free estimate to determine whether your roof is in need of repair or full roof replacement in Grand Prairie TX. Our expert team is on call to make sure your house stays protected from Mother Nature.

Our roofing company in Grand Prairie TX is here to keep your roof functioning in top shape. It is recommended to have your home’s roof annually inspected to detect missing shingles, leaks, and damaged gutters. If you notice your gutters aren’t doing their job, notice stains on your siding, leaks in the ceiling or basement, then call Alliance Exteriors today. We offer a no cost, free estimate to homeowners to determine whether or not you need Grand Prairie full roof replacement. Give us a call today.