What Makes C R Smith Museum, DFW So Special?

If you love airlines and would like to be close to the aviation history, then there are many reasons for you to visit the famous C R Smith Museum. The museum has been named after Cyrus Rowlett Smith, who was the former President of American Airlines. He is often considered to be a pioneer in the aviation industry and the museum is a tribute to his achievements and accomplishments. The museum became a reality after a hard work of around two and a half years. These two plus years saw aggressive fund raising followed by building of the actual museum. The museum would not perhaps have seen the light of the day but for the efforts of retirees groups and various American Airline employees.


The museum was opened on July 3, 1993 and since then it has become one of the important attractions as far as Dallas Fort Worth is concerned. We will try and offer some insight as to what this museum offers to those visiting DFW and surrounding areas. We will also look at the various other places of interest around C R Smith Museum. We are sure it will help readers and also those who are planning a visit to Dallas. It is quite obvious that a visit to Dallas may not be complete without visiting this museum and if you are an aviation fan, then you may love to spend quite some time visiting this museum.


What Does The Museum Offer


The museum is famous for a number of artifacts and it all started with the famous Paul Kent Collection. These collections did not happen overnight and they were most certainly acquired with lot of effort. Making catalogues of the same and incorporating the same into museum displays and archiving the same is not an easy task and the staff and volunteers have certainly put in their best foot forward. The results are there for all to see. The museum has some great collections for the connoisseurs of aircrafts and anything that is related to aviation. However, there are a few artifacts that stand out and the biggest attraction perhaps is the 1940 Douglas DC 3. It has been restored quite brilliantly and it would most certainly take the visitors down memory lane. They most certainly will take them to the days of DC 3 and will push them into a time warp of around seventy years. Apart from this aircraft the hangar for DC 3 is also a wonderful attraction as far as C S Smith Museum is concerned. This hangar is indeed beautiful and is placed in a special in a special addition and it was dedicated to the museum on February 22, 1999.


History Circle


The museum attracts so many visitors because of the simple fact that it has move with time and has believed in updating it on a regular basis. In keeping with this objective, it has an updated History Circle which has a number of new exhibits. It also boasts of a number of new artifacts, new graphics, video monitors with the latest of technology. Hence American and foreign tourists who are keen on knowing more about the commercial aviation industry of the country would find these additions quite interesting and exciting. It also will catch the attention of children for sure because there are quite a few exhibits which will be of interest to them.


The History Circle also has a wonderful new theater and this has been sponsored by American Express Travel. The main attraction is a quality HD film, named An American Journey. It takes the visitors down memory lane and they get to k now more about American Eagle Personnel and American Airlines and their contributions to the aviation industry of the country. It certainly is a nice film and leave quite a bit of impression behind for the visitors.


Other Places Of Interest Around C R Smith Museum


Apart the famous museum, there are other important places of interest which are quite interesting as far as DFW and surrounding areas are concerned. The Dallas Panic Room could be a great place to visit and it is situated around 9 miles from the museum. It is a place where you are allowed to be independent and apply problem solving skills to reach higher levels of success. It is an enjoyable place to be in.


River Legacy Park


This is also situated around 7.5 kilometers from the C R Smith Museum and it offers quite and relaxing walk and bicycling is also allowed. It offer around 8 kilometers or undisturbed walking and you also can take your pet dogs along. It also has many playgrounds which could be used for trying your hand at various sports. You also could fly kites or sit in the playground and relax. You also have gyms and gaming outlets and if you are pokemon enthusiast then you have all the more reasons to feel happy about it.


Texas Star Dinner Theater


This is a good place to be in for those who love food and also would like to be served by professional and courteous staff. The actors are extremely interesting and very interactive for the entire period which you spent in this place. They conduct some great shows and you will most certainly walk out of the Texas Star Dinner Theater with some pleasant and exciting memories.


Levitt Pavilion


If you would love to see the best of performing arts you must visit this place situated in St. Arlington. It is around 11.6 kilometers from the CR Smith Museum. It is a place for all those who love performing arts and it is famous for some great shows and performances. You can seat yourself where you want in the lawns and this makes it easy to leave early should you wish to do so. You are allowed to bring some food and drinks and there are also vendors from whom you can buy what you want. It is a good place to be in with family and friends and also children provided they understand drama and performing arts.



While the famous C R Smith Museum is the main attraction here, you also have quite a few other things to see and enjoy. Hence you would do better to have some understanding of the same and then move ahead with your visit to DFW.

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