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Metal roofing is gaining popularity – and for good reason. Metal roofs offer homeowners energy savings, lasting protection against the elements and aesthetic appeal. More and more roofing companies in Lewisville TX are adding metal roofing to their list of services. Contact Alliance Exteriors to speak with one of our helpful Lewisville metal roofing contractors.

Metal roofing contractors in Lewisville TX are the first to admit that metal roofing installation is more costly than traditional asphalt shingles. While the initial cost is more, the return is much greater. A metal roof can last up to 50 years longer and requires very little maintenance.

When properly installed, a metal roof stands it ground against anything Mother Nature has to throw. High temperatures, hail, high winds, humidity, rain or fire – metal roofs may just put Lewisville roofing companies out of business!


Environmentally Sustainable

It’s not just homeowners who get to reap the benefits – so does the environment! 25% recycled material, metal is one of the most eco-friendly materials available today. Lighter in weight, structures can be built with lighter materials saving costs and reducing environmental impact.


Energy Savings

Residential metal roofs can save up to 40% in air conditioning costs and offers superior insulation during the colder months. Who doesn’t want to reduce soaring energy bills?

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