A roof leak is detrimental to the structural integrity of your home. If you suspect your roof has a leak reach out and speak with the member of our team to obtain a No Hassle Grand Prairie roof leak repair estimate.

A roof leak can come from a number of causes, from hail damage to bad installation by roof repair contractors Grand Prairie but when you stay on top of roof leaks you can prevent further costly damage down the road.

Alliance Exteriors offers professional Grand Prairie roof leak repair. We use only the best materials and the latest techniques to ensure the best results. Fully licensed and certified, our expert contractors offer superior, professional roof leak repair Grand Prairie TX.


Signs of a Roof Leak

When you see water dripping from the ceiling you may have a roof leak. Sometimes the drip goes away only to come back a few days or months later. Never ignore intermittent leaks. A good rule of thumb: If you ever see water dripping from the ceiling or walls turn to Grand Prairie roof repair contractors for help.

Discolored area on walls or ceilings are good indicators of a leak. Often resembling a puddle, these areas may swell and be brownish in color. Mold or mildew may be present as well.

Missing shingles are prone to cause leaks. If you notice your home is missing Grand Prairie roofing materials, speak to a roofer right away for repair.


What can a roof leak do to your home?

A roof leak can cause significant damage to a home particularly if not addressed in its early stages. Indoor flooding may occur damaging personal items as well as causing significant damage to the structure of the home. It is vital to contract professional help to locate the leak and fix the leak.

For Grand Prairie roof leak repair or other roofing need please call us today.